Adán Vallecillo

HND (1977). Lives and works in Honduras.


Pintura mural
Recycled paint on a mural, variable dimensions
Found objects

Produced by the biennial

Pintura mural (Mural painting) materializes the author’s artistic thought through a process of converting that which is no longer useful into something beautiful. He recycles materials and found objects which he invests with meaning by granting them prominence in his installations.

He begins this process by selecting discarded objects from the waste containers of the city where the project will be presented. These objects are processed and turned into pigments for painting. In this case his canvas is an abandoned wall in the city center. The pigments that make up the work still carry the odor from their origin. Vallecillo then presents us with a work for the senses, a piece that proposes renewal and the removal of wastes from the periphery to a central, prominent position.

Vallecillo understands artistic production as a tool for knowledge, a way of creating an opportunity for thoughtful critical debate. He draws attention to the control imposed on instinct such as in our representative democracies where reason is imposed as a mechanism for controlling human needs. His work takes this relationship of mutual dependence between instinct and reason to his transformation of ordinary objects and situations that question the neoliberal system—authoritarianism, inequality, Eurocentrism, demagogy, and violence in Latin America.