Adrián Gaitán

COL (1983). Lives and works in Cali

Adrian Gaitan

Presentimiento Oceánico
2011. Escultura

Adrián Gaitán is a multidisciplinary artist that uses disposable materials such as earth, plastic bags, damaged lamps, and scotch tape in his pieces. With these materials Gaitán composes a lexicon of images that frequently employ sleight of hand, visual tricks, and conceptual contradiction. He constantly uses elements borne from our daily lives such as furniture and carpets. In using them as an image or concept, he makes references to their usefulness and practicality—but that is only an illusion. Upon closer examination, the viewer recognizes the materials and the impossibility of using them. He has had solo shows in Cali at La Tertulia Museum of Modern Art, Galería R&M, Lugar a Dudas, and Casa Proarte. He has participated in group shows in Chile and the Netherlands, where he also did a residency at Hotel Maria Kapel. In 2008 he
participated in the Salón Nacional de Artistas with his project El Camión (The Truck) at La Tertulia Museum of Modern Art. He has won numerous awards such as the BLOC 2011creative scholarship from the French Alliance, the Papel award from La Tertulia Museum, and other awards from Lugar a Dudas and Casa Proarte that same year in his home city.