Ana Maria Millán

COL (1975). Lives and works in Berlin and Bogota

La Balada de Carlos Lehder- ana maria millan
La Balada de Carlos Lehder
2012. Video Installation, 4 channels

Ana Maria Millán is a Colombian artist who has developed an international career, currently living and working in Berlin. Her means of expression are video, the spoken word, and other media that straddle the gap between fact and fiction—namely cinema, which forms the basis of many of her projects.

Her work combines fragments of historical and utopic information, employing naïve techniques that channel storytelling, fantasy, erroneous interpretation, violence, the contradictions between the collective and the individual, and those between feminine and masculine.

Beginning with concise archive research, Millan builds personal narratives where the production process remains visible. She takes on complex structures of center and periphery, especially their significance within art and culture.

Her work has been exhibited in Colombia and internationally—reaching countries in Europe and the Americas. She has received numerous awards such as the Visible Award (2012) from Citadellarte-Pistoletto and Fondazione Zegna; the Home and Abroad residence (2011) in Sintra, Portugal; the Curatorial Award (2009) from the Ministry of Culture of Colombia; the Premio Nacional para las Nuevas Prácticas (2007) from the Ministry of Culture of Colombia; and a residency in Space Studios-Gasworks’ program Locombia, a Fernando Arias initiative in London.