Andrés Felipe Castaño

COL (1986). Lives and works in Mexico City

Castaño_Andrés_Ocio Silencioso

Ocio Silencioso
2012-2013. Video HD, 9’27”

Sobre la historia
2012-2013. Video HD, 9’13”

Puño Americano
2012-2013. Engravings on
molten pennies, 6 x 10 x 1 cm

After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bogota he continued his studies at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma in Mexico where he received his master of arts degree. Using drawing, photography, and documents as media, Castaño takes on the idea of the image as the primary carrier of historical information. From there, he analyzes the
way in which these images offer a distorted view of reality and to what extent that affects our way of seeing it, our mentality, and our comprehension’s limitations. He also examines the original/ copy binary and how the reproduction of the visual world, through the media, makes that differentiation ambiguous and the boundaries unclear. He fragments images and reconstructs them or he creates works from photographs or older images, drawing our attention to the conceptual and artistic transformation involved in imitation.

He has had solo shows in Mexico City and Bogota and group exhibitions in the United States, Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia, and Spain. Some of his awards include first prize for Melgart: arte de paseo (Melgart: art on a walk) as a member of the collective Si nos pagan boys in the curation contest organized by the Museum of Modern Art in Bogota, MAMBO (2012), the scholarship awarded for academic excellence by the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas (2009), and the honorable mention at the VIII Salón ASAB (2005).