Anna Boghiguian

EGY(1946). Lives and works in Canada.

AnaBoghiguian_A Life. The Agony and Ectasic for survive_2014jpg

Various media (drawings, figures, mural painting, beeswax)

This Egyptian writer and artist is specially dedicated to drawing and collages, sometimes inserted into installation-like structures. Her themes include modern urban spaces, identity, and displaced communities within cities. Images and text are combined in complex, layered compositions.

Her Cartagena Biennale project presented at Iglesia de la Trinidad’s chapel evokes the idea of paradise. According to religious tradition, the expulsion from paradise is the beginning of punishment and the human experience of agony and ecstasy. Tradition places paradise between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in modern day Iraq. Agony began in this region with the Iraqi war and the arrival of democracy.

The installation explores how human beings, in their agony, create their own spaces and determine their limits and culture. Food and agriculture are the elements that lead people to stake out a territory. In her work, bees are related to food and birds to a natural territory—because birds’ routes are not the same as humans’, they migrate with the seasons. The world is represented in drawing and paintings of maps and aerials views. Boghiguian establishes links between the drawings and the bee hives in the frames, drawing from the idea of the diamond as a symbol of purity.