Anna Camner

SWE (1977). Lives and works in Stockholm.


Untitled, 2012
Oil on wood
44 x 48 cm

Anna Camner’s paintings are not merely botanical or fantastic; they are neither entirely naturist nor entirely symbolic. They recall the disquieting world of fables, mythology,
and the surreal—distanced enough from the objective representations of still lifes and landscape paintings. Her work demonstrates a curious synthesis, a conviction that things can come alive by being re-presented in paint.

Camner paints with oil on wood. She begins with a completely black base on which she applies light blue in graduated shading, recreating the hues of the dawn in yellow, or the night’s lights in dark purple. The illusion of space is accomplished by a refined use of chiaroscuro. This contributes to highlighting the organic quality of the scene, forcing our attention onto the details and leading us to accept the work where she has invested her emotional and spiritual effort. These small, intense, and elegant
paintings review a number of themes. There is a symbolic relation-ship between their representation and their decay. What we are seeing as a result of this cycle are the discarded remains of mammalian tissue. We will be forgiven if we see a frontal lobe emerging like a fungus from the base of a leaf, or the fibers of our nervous system hung from a branch. Camner seeks to examine matter in general, playing with the basic components of life with imaginative and absurdist skill.