Clemencia Labin

VEN (1946). Lives and works in Hamburg.


Piñata Caromin, 2012 – 3,46 metros de altura
Piñata Perpetua, 2012 – 3,40 m
Piñata Ultramar, 2012 – 3,58 m
Trunca Azul, 2012 – 3,30 m
Trunca Blancocéano, 2013 – 3,40 m
Trunca Vertai, 2013 – 3,20 m

Clemencia Labin has created an artistic universe of painting, installation, vibrant colored plastic sculpture, pop reminiscences, and abstract figures that speak of a cheerful, positive, energetic world. She conceives painting as a phenomenon that rebels and expands within space. Sculpture, too, is seen as something useful, that the body can even engage with; she expresses this concept occasionally through performance. Her works are tinged with the kitsch and the tropical, invested with childhood imagery recreated to attract a capacity for the fantastic that knows no aesthetic limits.

Her piñatas are made out of scraps of various fabrics. They are presented as cylinders, organizing the space to create a geography that favors interbreeding, a place where
cultures and molecularly different ways of being can coexist. The pieces are “very personal characters” of a visual voracity that conveys the artist’s fingerprint. In Labin’s world, fashion is a decisive factor; here she goes against the current. She de-mystifies the object-brand and breaks it in two. She splits aesthetic arguments and challenges fads. Her piñatas and assemblages are faithful mirrors of her artistic will. They rearrange her identity.

“They are inverse columns, they do not spring from the earth, but rather fall like frost-laden rain from the atmosphere; they are floating islands.”