Colectivo Octavo Plástico

Ana Victoria Padilla (Cartagena, 1987)

Roberto Carlos Pérez (Cartagena, 1987)

Emanuel Julio Pinilla (Cartagena, 1988)

Obra Dos aquí y uno allá - colectivo

Sesión para dos aquí y uno allá
2013. Installation and performance

Octavo Plástico was founded in 2008 by the visual artist Roberto Carlos Pérez. In 2010 the historian Ana Victoria Padilla Onatra and the musician Emanuel Julio Pinilla joined the creative process and formed the collective. Here a new stage began where the collective shared their interest in sound and its variations, the act of listening, images, and words, both written and spoken. After studying the audio-cartography of a location they produce a soundscape, accompanied by images and text. They use
visual and auditory experiments—video installation, sound poetry, and performance— as channels for communication.

In time, the doctor and painter Katy Anaya joined the collective. Octavo Plástico organized and participated in the first Festival Esquizofónico: Una noche en Babel (Schizophrenic Festival: One night in Babel) in Cartagena, exhibited Sesión para dos aquí y dos allá (A session for two here and two there) at the Casa Tres Patios’ artistic residence in Medellin, Taller Hecho a Mano, Artesanías at the Festival Sonema 4 in Cartagena, De a pie (Standing up) at the 43 Salón Nacional de Artistas in Medellin, De bajo de la Lengua (Beneath the tongue: installation and sound performance) at the MAM in Cartagena, 90 km, with the artist Oscar Leone site specific work, Sitio Nuevo, Magdalena, the sound exhibition with Christine Renaudat Memorial de voces at the CFCE in Cartagena, and (in)sinuaciones at “This is what we’re doing now,” organized by Espacio Intermitente in Cartagena, and at the 14 Salón Regional de Artistas del Caribe in Santa Marta and Valledupar.