Manifest Dance Company Svetlin Velchev

BGR (1985). Lives and works in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Limitation Sky
Solo performance with wall projections (10 min)
Music: Krill Minima. Photo: Rita Szili-Torok

Fragment #3
Solo performance, transparent fishing line and wood (10 min)

Svetlin Velchev is an independent performer/choreographer with training in classical and modern dance whose personal signature is based in the making of strong images with light and sound. His material is inspired by Merce Cunningham and the style is minimalistic and draws on science fiction imagery. These two works show his range. Fragment #3 is an installation piece where the audience sees the performer moving in an organic manner. The performer leans off balance where it appears that he is in a chamber of weightlessness while he is invisibly supported by a Barbara Hepworth-like string installation that is stretched across the space with geometrical precision.

Limitation Sky is an abstract dance piece on the borderline between performance and visual art. In this piece the artist dances a duet with his own shadow. He is almost invisible against the prismatic projections. The end moments where the projections become white points of lights, his body appears to emerge from the wall as if morphing from a scientific matrix. However a more poetic reading refers to the iconic Japanese performance artist Yayoi Kusama who used repetitive patterning such as polka dots. The forms undulate both making the movements visible and the body invisible. Placed in the arcade of La Cooperación Española, these two performances provide the opportunity for the spectators to discover different corners of the historic building adding to the uniqueness of the experience.