Diango Hernández

CUB (1970) Lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany


In a Colonial Style, 2012
Acrylic solution on paper printed in 16 parts
Each sheet: 29 x 22.5 cm
Framed and installed: 122 x 94 cm (approximate total dimension)

If a Desk with Words, if a House, 2011
Wood, typewriter, and plastic
317.5 x 65.4 x 47,6 cm

Trained in industrial design in La Habana, in 1994 Django Hernández cofounded the art group Ordo Amoris Cabinet to suggest solutions for the design of furniture and home decoration objects in the face of the scarcity of materials and supplies that Cuba was undergoing due to the American embargo.

His artistic projects include sculpture, drawing, installation, and painting in which the main elements are always found objects that are appropriated and transformed. Hernández uses these to introduce the possibility of an alternative imagined reality and lends the spectator the space in which to project his own personal vision. In a Colonial Style is a set of sheets illustrated with furniture design in supposed colonial style, taken from a German book from the forties. Recurrent themes from his work are
present, such as the structure of centers and peripheries that colonialism produces, the creation of artificial identities, and the use of culture as a tool for change.

In If a Desk with Words, if a House, a typewriter, modified so that it can no longer print letters and words, becomes a metaphor of contemporary society’s inability to communicate. It also addresses the notion of function assigned to objects, which can ultimately be transformed and removed from the original context to exist within a different reality.