Eduardo Sarabia

USA (1976). Lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico.


Fragmentos de una civilización pasada, 2010
High-fire ceramics
7 panels, 224.5 x 45 x 5 cm

Eduardo Sarabia looks into the history of contemporary Mexican society, investigating the influence of pre-Hispanic myths on culture today. He employs a variety of aesthetic and symbolic components from ancient and contemporary Mexican culture, while also incorporating the reality of the current political situation in the country, such as the conflicts implied in the war on drugs and the inequality that permeates the country. This rich diversity of elements is what characterizes his work.

One of his recurring media is ceramic. To make the ceramic panels in Fragmentos de una civilización pasada (Fragments from a previous civilization), he uses the ancient Talavera ceramic—originally from Spain and used in Mexico ever since the sixteenth century—reinventing the themes usually adorning this kind of popular art. He mixes the traditional nature-derived imagery with narco-culture symbols—drugs, firearms, naked women, and animals—that represent power and status. In a way, these images legitimize violence. His intention is to reveal a reality that extends beyond values that are endorsed by the system.