Elías Heim

COL (1966). Lives and works in Cali

calavera doble elias haim

2013. Installation

Elías Heim’s Jewish background and his studies at the Academy of Arts in Israel and the academies of Munich and Dusseldorf in Germany have been crucial to this Colombian artist’s development. He has received numerous awards and distinctions. He typically expresses himself through in situ installations that follow a line of expression about a particular place, weaving together situations that took place there. Heim uses a variety of mechanics and power sources, such as wind and electricity. According to the artist, in order to achieve a complete idea of the world, it must be viewed from three perspectives: the faith-religious, the scientific, and the artistic.

Heim has had solo shows at the La Tertulia Musuem in Cali, Colombia (1996, 1999, 2003, and 2008), at the Modern Art Museum in Bogota, Colombia (1996 and 2003), at the Modern Art Museum in Cartagena, Colombia (2003), Gulgolet, at the Modern Art Musuem in Medellín, Colombia (2011), and Gulgolet (Variaciones), at the Jenny Vilá Gallery in Cali, Colombia (2012), among others.

He has participated in group shows at the Jerusalem Artists House in Israel (1996), Punto de Apoyo (Point of support), at the Colombian Center in New York (1996), the XLVI Venice Biennale in Italy (1996), Do It, at the Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango in Bogota, Colombia (2001), the XXVI Sao Paulo Biennial in Brazil (2001), Transcripciones y Traslaciones Edificantes (Edifying transcriptions and tralations), at the Valenzuela Klenner Gallery in Bogota, Colombia (2001), El Objeto Paradójico (The paradoxical object), at the Universidad Nacional in Bogota, Colombia (2001), La Nota Tonal (The tonal note), at the Santa Fé Gallery in Bogota, Colombia (2005), Video Colombiano, Seis Artistas Contemporáneos (Colombian video, six contemporary artists), at Off Limits in Madrid, Spain (2007), and Religión y Sacrificio (Religion and sacrifice), at the Museo de Arte Religioso in Cali.