Emeka Ogboh

NGA (1977). Lives and works in Enugu, Nigeria.


Trancemission, 2014 – Audio installation – Produced for the biennial

Trancemission, 2014
Audio installation
Produced for the biennial

Emeka Ogboh has an artistic interest in amplifying the concepts of listening and hearing. His work is predominantly video and sound. In this case, he brings together field
recordings to explore history and the aural infrastructures of cities as cosmopolitan sites with unique identities. This is especially true for Lagos, whose sound landscape is constantly being updated.

Trancemission is an audio installation that explores memory, space, and time through the artist’s own travels. The piece captures the sounds of two port cities, Lagos and
Yokohama, through extracts of recordings that reflect the aural experience of the artists in these places. Trancemission is installed on a well as an electroacoustic composition in the Palacio de la Inquisición Patio de la Huerta, in another port city.

The water in the well becomes a repository of life experiences, creating an opportunity for the audience to project themselves into their environment as they experience the sounds. The piece is part of an active process of liberation, recreating the artist’s past in the present; the sound becomes part of an itinerant memory bank about change in different places.