François Bucher

COL (1972). Lives and works in Berlin and Bogota.


Radio Amazonas
2014. Radio art, in collaboration with Lina López
Produced by: BIAC

Each of the conversations we will hear during the program’s nine broadcasts center on one essential mystery. The project is about playing within that spiral. In this area, each topic returns time and again through the same passage and with each passage our senses are altered. To wander through the labyrinth exploring the mystery: that is the purpose of this voyage into word and song. The words we will hear have been harvested from a journey, taken from the densest jungle and steepest slopes. We will catch the lianas born from this seed—caught in midair by the Cofon elder in his hatchet, the same one that the Taita Isaías speaks of in his interview—and plant them in the soil and watch how they sprout realities, here, in this world.

Radio Amazonas means a field of reverberation, concentric circles of knowledge broadcasting everywhere, whose reach is neither national nor international but rather timeless and interplanetary.

How can we mend the human body? How can we mend the social body, civilization itself? This question leads us to the very center. As is said in the clever dialect of the Huitotos, one must travel to the center to radiate in the periphery. Radio Amazonas. The center is hidden within each element. We are elemental beings and that truth implies a profound reconnection. It is true, clear, and transformative.


Radio Amazonas, a project by François Bucher, holds no relationship to the investigation by the artist Bárbara Santos, the biologist Nelson Ortiz, ACAIPI, or other participants in the Pirá Paraná River region.