Freya Powell

GBR (1983). Lives and works in New York.

FreyaPowell_Esta noche cuando cierre los ojos. Tonight When I Close My Eyes_2013

Tonight When I Close My Eyes, 2013
Video, 7’ 33’’ (loop)

Freya Powell exercises the notion of personal and political distance via experiences of loss and through finding connections between a given historical moment and the present. Her field of action includes media as diverse as drawing, literature, photography, and video. In all of them she deals with the concept of the archive, since all of her works are collections—an emotional archive, to paraphrase her, that processes both the institutional and the personal. Her minimalist, abstract compositions go beyond documenting to become a process of paused perception, of connective, collective experiences with concrete subjects which escape the limitations of distance.

Conceived as an archive, Tonight When I Close My Eyes in an attempt to rescue memory. This video brings together the last words spoken by death row inmates in Texas, minutes before their execution. Against a black backdrop, these fragments in white lettering appear and disappear in total silence, accompanied by the date of execution. The piece is faithful to its simple, calm aesthetic. Through the individual experiences of the collective, the artist seeks to take on a real situation that is relevant despite taking place far away, lending it a voice and a date.