Friedemann von Stockhausen

DEU (1945). Lives and works in Berlin.

Present Perfect, 2014
Banners, printed on polyester

Friedemann von Stockhausen’s graphics are characterized by innovation and the use of a broad range of techniques, from drawing to collage.

He is presenting a series of banners at the biennial that draw from black and white postcards, books from several European and American museum collections and pictorial extracts from several origins. The images display fragments of objects, masks, faces, and architectural elements from different periods and cultures: African, Asian, European, and American. The sculptures from the Western Gothic period emerge next to ancient art from China and Japan; a Renaissance portrait is traversed by a sub-Saharan figure; pre-Columbian artifacts are face-to-face with their European counterparts, recombining into surprising and expressive units.

The artist’s intention is not only to establish a dialogue between artistic forms but also to grant them a vibrant expressiveness that transcends time and culture. Beyond the transcultural context, the images remind us of the global practice among the wealthy of including these objects, ripped from their historical and ritual context, in their consumer goods merry-go-round. Mutilated and fragmented into pieces that favor their transportation, these artifacts are auctioned, exhibited, collected, and adored as valuable objects that lend a touch of historical nostalgia to our interior décor and the comfort of our homes.