Guillermo Paneque

ESP (1963). Lives and works in Madrid.


Ceramic tiles. Variable dimensions.

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Ceramic tiles. Variable dimensions.
Produced by BIACI

Guillermo Paneque works across multiple artistic media. He takes on different roles according to the nature of the project in order to create connections and relationships between his works in their contexts, rather that conceiving them as fixed and isolated entities. In his installations, videos, movies, sculptures, collages, and approaches
to drawing, he borrows methods from anthropology, and perhaps also film direction, in the way he makes decisions and establishes premises by which to explore sites of
social and psychological transition. On the surface his work can seem to leap about without stylistic continuity, but there are profound lines that connect his work, such as
tension between reality and fiction and an awareness of the role of the viewer as an active agent of reception and a witness to the enigmatic presence of his work. His work always includes elements of provocation and the unusual.

Paneque is more concerned with staging a particular system of relations than the production of conventional art objects. For #1 Cartagena he presents “a work for a series
of off-scene voices.” On either sides of a wall at an old, open air parking lot in Getsemaní, the artist creates a “bottomless frame/counter frame” out of a divided image built from headline clippings from several journals that are reproduced on ceramic tiles, reviving stories real and imagined to test their relevance in the present.