Hassan Sharif

ARE (1951). Lives and works in Dubai


Broken Horizontal Lines, 2006
Nº2: 41,8 x 58,4 cm
Nº3: 106,9 x 151,1 cm
Nº4: 58,4 x 41,9 cm
Nº6: 148,3 x 106,6 cm
Nº7: 58,4 x 41,9 cm

Wave-like and straight horizontal, 2007 Nº10: 58,4 x 41,9 cm

Cardboard, plastic rope & jute, 2006 Técnica mixta 45,4 x 34 x 17,7 cm

Plastic-cardboard cloth, 2006 Técnica mixta 37 x 47 x 27,4 cm

Colorful File No.1, 2006 Técnica mixta 50 x 40 x 12 cm

One of the pioneers of conceptual art in the Middle East, Hassan Sharif mixes performance, installation, drawing, painting, and assemblage. His work is a statement against industrial production, presented as a satire through the monotonous repetition of industrial materials in a minimalist format. By divorcing himself completely from his work, he brings the viewer to react exclusively to the object itself.

Many of his works take their name literally from the materials they are composed of. This is how he highlights the industrial and aseptic features of the contemporary world. However, he often mixes materials that contradict each other, causing confusion and altering this apparently unemotional state. His work is not meant to be understood but rather explored and activated by the viewer himself.

He works with found materials, investing them with an identity that goes beyond their quotidian reality. His assemblages breathe new life into common objects. Where others see trash, Sharif creates art that sits somewhere between Arte Povera and existential angst. He finds freedom in the rejects that goes beyond the formal rules of art. It is here that he has sought to find himself.