Inés Lombardi


Diálogos 2014

Collages (photography, fine art print and pantone print, framed), photographs (framed), fine art prints (framed), pantone prints, artist book, wood base, table and stools, wood construction
Dimensions variable
Produced by BIACI

According to Brigitte Huck, for artist Inés Lombardi the basis of human perception is a process of constant change. In order to explore these changes, she transforms certains aspekts of previews works, presenting them in new situations. At the same time, she experiments with changing physical appearance of cities, the links between wild nature, cultivated nature, and urbanism, and how this relations are integrated into our cultural identity.

The common determinator in her work is space. With it she develops a correlation between what is real and what is constructed. Photography, video, sculpture, and installation are the media that Lombardi brings to light in varied spacial settings, continuosly adding new constellations.

For #1 Cartagena, Lombardi remains for a moment at the point of rupture of the present to reflect on the construction of the gardens by Roberto Burle Marx and the architektur by Rino Levi at Olivo Gomes Residence that today are part of a public park in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil. The project investigates the relationship between past and present as well as notions of identity, transformation, space, and time in all of its dimensions. These are conceptualized in terms of relationships: the relationship between the image and the context, between the image space and the real, between components, and between the exhibition space and the viewer.