Juan David Laserna

COL (1980). Lives and works in Bogota

tableros_tablas - juan david laserna

Tableros Tablas
2012. Hand-carved on expanded styrene and LED board

Juan David Laserna is a multidisciplinary artist that employs iconography, time, and architecture as a means for reflecting on our society and on the hegemonic, historical narrative has been built through these.

Frequently critical of this narrative, Laserna has explored the instrumentalization of our era’s cultural, political, and even commercial icons, as well as the way in which they address the ideology of their products—the very icons and architecture that his work reflects on.

Laserna develops his projects along conceptual lines determined by those time-iconography-architecture connections and builds installations around them using various media: photography, sculpture, and painting.

Laserna completed his master’s in visual arts at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. As a member of several art collectives—such as Trailer and Maski—he has won awards, both through collaboration and independently, including the Ministry of Culture’s Beca Nacional de Creación en Artes Plásticas, the Instituto Distrital de Patrimonio’s Premio Ciudad y Patrimonio (2008), the Scholarship for Outstanding Graduate Students from the Universidad Nacional’s Vicerrectoria Académica, the District Secretariat of Culture’s Distrital Exposiciones award at the Santa Fe gallery for his project Foros (2011), presented at the Planetario Distrital’s Cultural Center. His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows at galleries and institutions, mostly in Bogota and other Colombian cities.