Juan Manuel Echavarría

COL (1947). Lives and works in Bogota
El Sepulturero y su llamada perdida  - juan manuel echavarria

El sepulturero y su llamada perdida
2013. Video

Juan Manuel Echavarría began his career as a writer while living between Bogota and New York and travelling Europe, particularly Greece. Since 1995, he dedicated himself to photography and video, choosing the themes of violence and conflict that have plagued Colombia throughout the twentieth century and up until today. He explores the aestheticization of violence and terror and forces the viewer into this reality—the reality of guerillas, paramilitary forces, and drug cartels. Through photography and video, Echavarría presents images of apparent beauty that attract the viewer and to draw him closer. Once observed in greater detail, cruel metaphors become visible, telling stories of violence—a trademark in Echavarría’s body of work. Through these metaphors the artist depicts the carnage and fear that have become a constant in some areas of Colombia.