Juan Obando

COL (1980). Lives and works in Carrboro, NC

Museum mixtape - juan obando

Nasher y Ackland de la serie Museum Mixtape
2013. Video

Juan Obando began work in his native Bogota in 2005 where he received his bachelor’s in industrial design with a concentration in architecture from the Universidad de los Andes. In 2010 he received his MFA from Purdue University in the United States and has since exhibited in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Colombia, and Venezuela. His work has twice been selected for the Salón Nacional de Artistas in Colombia (2008 and 2010) as well as featured in international publications, including the Artecontext magazine in Madrid and the South African magazine Itch. In 2012 Obando developed an editorial piracy project during a residency in Casa Tres Patios in Medellin and recently received a Rhizome commission for his project Museum Mixtape (Dirty South Edition). Since 2005, Obando’s work on communication media has centered on the critical intervention of social systems through the use of new technologies and developing locative performances, collaboration networks, and experimental narratives.

His recent work deals with mainstream aesthetics (such as hip hop) and its means of transmission (such as music videos), using this playful approach to intervene in institutional artistic spaces with the goal of challenging traditional notions of artistic production, social commitment, and the boundaries between highbrow and lowbrow. Obando uses performance and media as a platform and mechanism for discussing issues of cultural inclusion and exclusion, as well as democratic participation and identity politics.