Julián Dupont

COL (1985). Lives and works in Cali
Dupont_Julian_Sobreelterritoriosinmapa(1)(foto1) - dupont julian

Sobre el territorio sin mapa
2013. Video

Julián Dupont is a young Colombian multidisciplinary artist and curator. Originally from Popayan, he currently lives in Santiago de Cali. He works with drawing, photography, sculpture, video, performance, and installation to reflect on reality and fiction and the boundaries that separate imagination and the material world. He conceives art as an agent for change, for pushing the boundaries. According to the artist, he uses the body as an axis in his drawing, photography, and installation in order to explore paradoxes between that which is poetic and that which is real, reveling in the possibility of illusion within the imperative fiction.

He has had group and solo shows including Luis Ángel Rengifo: la paradoja del realismo social al expresionismo comprometido (The paradox of social realism and committed expressionism) at the VIII Performance Festival in Cali (2012), Rojo Platonismo Rojo (Red Platonism red), an unofficial intervention at the VIII Performance Festival in Cali (2012), Mesa de terra (Earth table) at La Central in Cali (2012), Caminando sobre un triángulo (Walking on a triangle) at La Cubeta Pentaprismática in Cali (2011), Sistema Blanco/Negro (Black/white system) at the IV Performance Festival in Medellin (2010), Prácticas Contextuales (Contextual practices) at the Laboratorio Artístico de San Agustín (LASA) in Havana, Cuba (2010), Advertencia – Die Pop (work in progress) in Popayan (2005). His first solo show Maparadoxterra was held at La Tertulia Museum in Cali (2013).