Katie Holten

IRL (1975). Lives and works in Nueva York.


137.5° (II), 2008
Crocheted wool and tacks

Katie Holten is an Irish artist whose artwork speaks of humans’ impact on the environment. Holten’s work is often made from recycled materials and tackles a variety of ecology related subjects, seeking to link art to the landscape.

137.5° (II) is a textile installation, hand crafted in black crocheted wool. The piece turns and twists on itself, wandering along the wall as a record of the personal displacement that its author has experienced for four months, through space and time. Each time she traveled—be it by car, train, or plane—Holten added a segment to the composition. Her itinerary and carbon footprint are metaphorically enmeshed in the complex weaving of organic lines.

The title of the work refers to the fact that the angle between leaves in many plants is 137.5 degrees, known as the golden angle. The angle is derived from the golden number, equivalent to the ratio between two successive items in the Fibonacci sequence. In this manner she demonstrates her interest in emerging mathematics and mapping.

In exploring the elegance and logic of traditional Irish crochet work, Holten amateurishly uses a simple stitch to draw lines that represent her movements through space and time. Each time the piece is installed, the picture varies slightly, but the record of the day remains intact.