Kevin King

USA (1959). Lives and works in New York.

KevinKing_Diorama with Orioles_2012

Diorama with Orioles, 2012 Oil on a copper plate 17,8 x 26,7 cm

Diorama with Sunflowers, 2010 Oil on a copper plate 14,6 x 24,6 cm

Diorama with Grasshopper, 2008 Oil on a copper plate 17,8 x 27,3 cm

Kevin King incorporates his passion for nature and his collector’s heart into his work. His extremely detailed and illustration-like oil on copper panel paintings depict plants,
insects, and other animals and are backed by an elaborate conceptual and composition process. They are objects of contemplation, almost as if worshipping the fauna and flora they represent. The Dioramas series includes found objects, both ready-mades and organic wastes, such as butterfly wings, twigs, handfuls of earth, seeds, pollen, etc. Despite their realist appearance, the elements he includes are placed arbitrarily, far removed from their natural surrounding and positioned for purely aesthetic,
personal reasons. In Diorama with Orioles we are presented with two golden orioles, birds with vivid plumage, immersed in a strange and exotic flora with lighting that is almost disquieting, as if from a dream world.

His works are full of artistic and historical references. He sometimes incorporates elements extracted from museums, books, or articles. There is evidence of influences
from Persian miniatures and the Italian painter Giorgio Morandi, for the symbolic power invested in simple objects.