KOR (1957). Lives and works in New York .

Thread Routes (Chapter 1), 2010
HD video (16 mm) with sound, 24’ 52’’

Kimsooja’s performances, videos, and installations blur the boundaries between aesthetics and the transcendent experience through their use of repetitive actions and meditative practices. She seeks to achieve a balance between contrasts to create harmony, the reason for which she presents herself as subject and object in her performances, present and absent. Another issue she approaches in her work is the existence of contrasting views of reality and how we interact with them. She rejects the social categories that are imposed on us.

Thread Routes is the first chapter of the film serial about textile culture which focuses on Peru and its domestic traditions, popular culture, and national landscape. It is a nondescriptive, non-narrative documentary that the artist considers a poem and a visual anthropological study. The other five chapters of the series (not included in this biennial) reveal lacing techniques, the architecture of European cities, the clay structures of Gujarat in India, or the architecture and fabrics of Mali. All together, these chapters show us millennial cultures that have survived in our globalized world and reflect on how the repetitiveness of manual work is a means to convey traditional values.