Kirsten Heshusius

NLD (1979). Lives and works in Amsterdam.

kirsten heshusius- where goes the white- foto por bart majoor

28, 29 de marzo, 7 pm / March 28, 29, 7 p.m.
Where goes the white when melts the snow
2013. Clay powder, picture frame, balloon, pump, water 25’

Kirsten Heshusius is trained primarily in the practice of performance making through her work with important site specific theater groups in the Netherlands. In 2010 she began to make her own solo work based upon a perspective changing experience traveling in Iran. Her work is best described as visual poetry provoking universal thoughts about the world and existence itself. She develops her ideas in her atelier where her material research is persistent and ongoing. Within her performances she deals with body transformation and strong but minimal visual imagery often based on autobiographical events. Because the body functions as a mirror, through the transformations she provokes sentiments of recognition. Architecture and history provide a departure point placing the work in its surroundings.

This work deals with a tragic story in the artist’s family history. In Where goes the white when melts the snow, Heshusius investigatesthe impact this event has had on her life and her own struggle to connect to her ancestors. Heshusius pushes her body with extreme physical action to the point of exhaustion as in many of her works, thereby communicating with her public her struggle. In the work she uses the idea of snow and its disappearance as a metaphor for history and memory, bringing an ethereal and ephemeral aspect to the story.