Leo Villareal

USA (1967). Lives and works in New York.

Cylinder II
2011. White LED, mirror finished stainless steel, custom software, electrical hardware. 3,65 x 2,74 m. diam.

Leo Villareal, born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a pioneer in light sculpture. His light installations combine LED and programmed lighting. Villareal studied at Yale and at the New York University, specializing in interactive telecommunications. He is a widely acclaimed artist who created his most important work to date in 2013: The Bay Lights, in which he completely lit the cables of the San Francisco Bay Bridge using LED lights.

His hypnotic works are the product of an intense investigation into the latest technologies, often drawing from nanotechnology. His sculptures use light and color in motion,
occasionally taking on a more organic character while at other times a purely abstract form that recall early electronic games.

His installations can be seen at important museums and public spaces in the United States including the MoMA in New York, the National Gallery in Washington, and the
Brooklyn Museum of Art. He has participated individually and collectively in exhibitions and fairs throughout the United States, Spain, France, England, Turkey, and South Korea.