Libia Posada

COL (1959). Lives and works in Medellin.

Signos cardinales, 2008
Black and white photographs (12), digital print
100 x 80 cm

Drawing: map of conventions and equivalences
Digital print on polystyrene
40 x 25 cm

Libia Posada’s medical training is evidenced in her artistic projects whose shared theme is the body—its various representations and the influence exerted on them by culture. The body is the starting point to analyze, define, and speak of hostile social phenomena that take place.

Ambiguity, irony, beauty, and the pillage of culture are permanently present in her body of work which stretches from installation to collective action and interventions in public space, all approached from a feminist perspective.

Signos cardinales (Cardinal signs) is a powerful installation. Twelve photographs draw the map of the itineration of internally displaced Colombians. Each itinerary is drawn with ink on their legs and feet. The collection presents us with the topography of the pain that belongs to each of the victims forced to abandon their homes due to political and economic conflicts that have little to do with them. These drawings on skin act as a memory activator and a means for reclaiming the identity that was taken from them in their involuntary departure from their land, reminding them also that their body is their most valuable property.