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Nora Ligorano
USA (1956). Lives and works in New York.

Marshall Reese
USA (1955). Lives and works in New York.

50 Different Minds, 2010–2012
Optical fiber tapestry, custom-made hardware and software
178 x 178 cm

Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese have collaborated since the eighties. Their trademarks are unusual materials, industrial processes, limited edition multiples, and diverse disciplines including video, sculpture and installation.

Through their work, the pair reflect on art’s impact on political and social systems—inevitably linked to cultural events. They use clear language and concepts, focused on the present and today’s technologies.

50 Different Minds is part of a series of tapestries with optical fibers, a material primarily used for data transmission. The fibers morph into a surface of light and textile patterns, blending artisanal traditions with information technology. The work is born from the conception of traditional tapestries as a means to communicate battle stories, myths, and religious ideas. Through this piece, we have a glimpse of a virtual world that narrates in real-time the history of global cultural information.

The optical fiber brocade is joined to panels and connected to green, blue, and red computer-controlled LEDs that follow color sequences according to information downloaded from Twitter on the number of take offs and landings at the John F. Kennedy airport in New York City as well as information from other sources, such as from seismographs. The tapestry intends to link art with networking, communication, and society.