Lotty Rosenfeld

CHL (1943). Lives and works in Santiago, Chile.

La guerra de Arauco, 2001
Video, 6’ (loop)

La guerra de Arauco (The Arauco war) is a portrait of the ongoing traditional disagreement between the Mapuche people (given the name Arauco by the Spanish conquistadors) and the authorities. The video combines images with language as a form of power to present an overview of history—past, present, and future.

A pioneer of video installation work in Latin America, Lotty Rosenfeld was a founding member of CADA (Colectivo de Acciones de Arte / Art Actions Collective), a group of conceptual artists and writers. This interdisciplinary group promoted new aesthetic proposals based on citizen engagement. Her critical reflection and antidictatorial activism sought to provoke a reaction in the audience and the artistic milieu in the Chile of the seventies and eighties.

Her broad body of work is marked by opposition, disobedience, the fight against injustice, and the rebellion born in the sociopolitical context of Chile’s dictatorship. Her work revolves around a careful observation of symbols, their capacity for subversion, their implications in society, and the resistance made to any symbol that is externally imposed. Her projects include performance, photography, video, and installation.