Luis Roldán

COL (1955). Lives and works in New York and Bogota

Wash and Wear
2013. Bolas de pelusa y pelo de la secadora de ropa y cuadrados metálicos con laca blanca

La Pared
2013. Letra impresa, papel, marcos metálicos y sonido en audifonos, pelo

Luis Roldán is a Colombian multimedia artist who lives between New York and Bogota. He produces drawings and installations with mixed media, including cardboard, cloth, model trains, dirt, etc.

His work is extremely dynamic and prone to change as he constantly experiments with new media and readings. However, there are a series of constants in his work, such as his cultural references to writers (Marcel Proust) and artists (Martín Ramírez), continuous repetition, the use of found objects, and the painstaking detail in his pieces.

Roldán has had solo and group shows throughout Latin America and the United States and has received awards and decorations such as the Premio Colombiano de Pintura at the Colombian Institute of Culture’s XXXVI Salón Nacional de Artistas (Bogota), and the Visual Arts New Work Award from the Wisconsin Arts Board (United States). Roldán designed the poster for the V International Music Festival of Cartagena and exhibited the design in the city’s Museum of Modern Art—this is his second important intervention in Cartagena.