Marcellvs L.

BRA (1980). Lives and works in Berlin.

52°30’50.13” N 13°22’42.05” E, 2007
Video installation in five channels

This artist’s videographic practice challenges the standard process of perception and changes the audience’s routine as they are submerged in a different temporal reality when entering the room. The subjects and arguments seem insignificant, but his long takes—without cuts or edits—make the resulting works appear close, but at the same time confusing and distant. He orchestrates a meeting point between the subject of the film and the viewer of the film.

This installation’s title offers the geographical coordinates of the place where the images were captured: Peter Eisenman’s Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, in Berlin. He presents five views of the crisscrossing corridors on five screens. The cameras are all pointing in the same direction, from five different fixed positions, exhibiting the symmetry of the halls. The images are interrupted by wandering people that randomly intersect the screen, appearing in different sizes on different screens, due to their positioning. The filming does not follow any recognizable pattern or rhythm, and the video becomes an irritating abstraction, much like the work’s title. The coordinates are as exact as they are abstruse, while the symmetry of the place restricts human movement to only two possible directions: the figures traverse the scene horizontally or they go deeper. The formal makeup is divided into two temporal levels: the videos recorded at intervals for six months, and the varying duration of each, between eight and forty minutes.