María Isabel Rueda

COL (1972). Lives and works in Puerto Colombia

2 maria isabel rueda

The Real. Retrato de Norman Mejía
2004-2013. Projection, 36 photographs

Maria Isabel Rueda studied advertising and fine arts in Bogota but soon transitioned to visual arts. Her drawings, videos, and photographs evidence this transition. She works with cultural icons of contemporary society and images of recognizable places, rich in unique political symbolism. Rueda presents these images and ideas and proceeds to examine them from both aesthetic and ethical positions, seeking the meaning of their identities.

An important theme in Rueda’s work is the relationship between the landscape and the human body. She integrates scenes charged with sex and sensuality into nature, as though integrating man’s most instinctive and untamed side with what is still untamed and pure in the natural world.

She has exhibited individually throughout Colombia and in Miami and has participated in group shows in Europe, the United States, and South America. She has received numerous distinctions, including first place in the Concurso Phillips de Arte para Jóvenes Talentos (Bogota, 2001), a Special Mention in the XII Salón de Artistas Jóvenes (2004), the award for Academic Excellence from Colombia’s Universidad Nacional for her Masters Scholarship (2004) and first place in the Ministry of Culture’s Beca de Creación (2009). She currently combines her artistic work with classes at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, in Bogota.