Marine Hugonnier

FRA (1969). Lives and works in London.

Apicula Enigma, 2013
Película de 35 mm o Blue-ray Disc (26’)

Marine Hugonnier’s new film Apicula Enigma (2013) continues with her line of poetic inquiry exploring the anthropology of images, deliberating the manner in which subjectivities and technologies for seeing create discourses that shape our natural and social environment.

Recorded in Austria, in the mountains south of Carinthia, Apicula Enigma is an essay in the form of a wildlife documentary that seeks to reflect, as accurately as possible, the natural habitat of bees. The film begins with the buzzing of bees as the camera pans over a spring field. We hear a voice whisper, “Nature doesn’t tell stories,” and then a series of images of bees flying around a hive. In this way, Hugonnier introduces her position against the conventionalisms surrounding image and narration in wildlife documentaries and reveals her intention to observe these landscapes from the perspective of a true flâneur. To this end, she avoided the usual filming techniques and props in animal documentaries in an effort to shorten the distance between the observer and the observed object. This film is a way of seeking the proper distance for creating images of bees, without letting proximity destroy the enigma of their way of life. A possible translation for Apicula Enigma is “the mystery of the bees.” It can be interpreted as an ode to observation sans the narrative imperative, empowering the poetics of the image without artifice.