Nezaket Ekici

TUR (1970). Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

February 15, 7 p.m.
2004. Performance, 60’
Video: documentation of Atropos (2006), Blind (2007) y / and Defiant Athens (2010), 19’48”

In the performance, the viewer sees the artist standing on a pedestal as a living fountain. She is wearing a dress made out of seventy medical drainage bags filled with water, which weigh more than twenty kilos. Through metering valves to the bags, the artist has an influence on the way, the speed, and the direction of the flowing water.
This work concentrates on the characteristics of performance of extreme physicality and long duration. She challenges her body with longterm immobility and the bearing of
heavy weight. As the water escapes the more comes to light veiled femininity which is increasingly against the nature of masculinity as symbolized by the water drain. Her impetus for the performance is to slowly and seductively reveal her own body as a metaphor for freedom. In this stylized expression, a basic conflict of human life is addressed, the solution always implies freedom gains for individuals.

Ekici studied under Marina Abramovic’ and is frequently placed in a feminist context to which she certainly belongs.