Óscar Murillo

COL (1986). Lives and works in London

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Although born in Colombia, Oscar Murillo moved to London with his family at ten years of age. Despite his youth, he is one of his generation’s most internationally renown artists, represented by important international galleries and holding solo shows across the globe.

He produces large canvasses that explode with life, pieces that could even be considered aggressive or chaotic. Slathered with materials and scarred with marks, they frequently contain text fragments or words that contribute meaning or formal robustness, or sometimes simply for the way they interact with the canvas. The dust and earth are reminiscent of the street life that artists of humble origin experience. Murillo also produces videos, installations and performances.

The ideas of cultural displacement and demographic exchange between social strata are always present in his work. Murillo is a mediator between two different worlds: that of the Latin American immigrants and the elitist contemporary art world. He sees himself as a product of this network of exchanges.

Murillo has had solo and group exhibitions in Europe and the United States, although in Colombia he has only participated in the 43rd Salón Nacional, in Medellín. His involvement in this biennial is an opportunity for him to be a part of his home country’s cultural expression.