Paola Tafur

COL (1980). Lives in Jamundí and works in Cali

flores de invierno - paola tafur

Flores de invierno

Paola Tafur bases her multidisciplinary artistic practice on nature and man’s interventions in it. With a critical analysis and great thoughtfulness, Tafur examines agrarian economy, the process of farming, and other more personal themes of identity, always through the lens of the natural world and its elements.

She uses natural materials—earth, sugar, branches—and organic remainders of high symbolic value. Her installations result in extraordinarily poetic compositions with an evidently analytical line of inquiry.

As a resident of the Valle del Cauca region, an area of sugarcane production, the environmental subjects she chooses reflect her experience, opinions, and particular context.

Tafur studied visual arts at the Universidad del Valle in Cali, and has exhibited in Colombia and Venezuela.