Peter Campus

USA (1937). Lives and works in New York.

Stillness of Winter, 2013
HD video, variable dimensions, 41’ 44’’

Red Crane, 2013
HD video, variable dimensions, 49’ 26’’

Water + Concrete, 2013
HD video, variable dimensions, 38’ 12’’

Sliver, 2013
HD video, variable dimensions, 40’ 02’’

Through his work, Peter Campus discusses complex problems such as body identity, transformation, the conflict between the real and the virtual, and the relationship between art and the spectator, existentialism and narcissism. Ever since the seventies, his video graphics relentlessly explore the novelties and possibilities of technology. He uses techniques such as superimposition, chromatic inversion, appearance/disappearance, chroma keying, pixilation, and time manipulation. His work is characterized by his very fine technique in the creation of images. For Campus, image making and experimentation with various media such as video, video installation, photography, slide installation, and digital photography are dialectically integrated.

The four videos presented at the biennial are part of his recent output, from 2013. Stillness of Winter, Red Crane, Water + Concrete and Sliver are meditations on the passing of time and the concept of humanity in the natural world. These pieces are pauses in movement, sound, and light which have a hypnotic effect on the viewer. He combines image, light, and color into an expressionist painting and pixelated animation. This new body of work reminds us of why Campus is considered one of the most critical and seminal players in the history of video and the art of new media.