Philip Taaffe

USA (1955).Lives and works in New York

Angelus Novus, 2013
Mixed media on canvas, 96,52 x 94,62 cm

Emblem Painting, 2013
Mixed media on canvas, 104,14 x 95,25 cm

Imaginary Landscape I, 2013
Mixed media on canvas, 95,25 x 95,57 cm

Imaginary Landscape II, 2013
Mixed media on canvas 95,25 x 96,52 cm

Philip Taaffe’s work is marked by versatility and an interest in technique and cultural appropriation. Taaffe employs lino prints, collages, etchings, serigraphs, gouache, chinecollé, stencil, speckling, acrylic, varnish, watercolor, and gold leaf. His work is extremely intellectual, drenched in cultural references and artistic gestures that are absolutely intentional. His works contain an important conceptual cargo but simultaneously exhibit a decorativeness and artisanship, due to the techniques and compositions used.

The four canvases selected for the biennial point in the direction of abstraction, distancing themselves from reality. Charged with visual energy, they connect abstraction to the natural world and explore the properties of optics and the conceptual. They suggest microscopic imagery from some other place, pictured kinetically and interacting unpredictably, something like a visual structure that happens in the here and now and also in the never, a theater where all the elements are in perpetual ecstasy and motion.