Radio Amazonas, produced by François Bucher in collaboration with BIACI

Beginning on February 26, 2014 be sure to tune in to the BIACI homepage to hear Radio Amazonas, a new multimedia project by the artist François Bucher in collaboration with Lina López, commissioned and produced by the First International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Cartagena de Indias. Invited by Artistic Director, Berta Sichel, and using the strong tradition of radio in Colombia as a starting point for the creation of a new biennial-commissioned artwork, François Bucher created nine radio transmissions that were recorded in different regions around Colombia, including the jungle of the Amazon, the Sierra Nevada mountains of Santa Marta, and the Valle del Cauca. All nine chapters of Radio Amazonas can be accessed on our homepage or at

Radio Amazonas is a field of reverberations, concentric circles of knowledge that broadcasting everywhere, whose reach is neither national nor international but rather timeless and interplanetary.
How can we mend the human body? How can we mend the social body, civilization itself? This question leads us to the very center. As is said in the dialect of the Huitotos, one must travel to the center to radiate in the periphery. Radio Amazonas. The center is hidden within each element. We are elemental beings and that truth implies a profound reconnection. It is true, clear, and transformative.

1) El Amazonas que irradia: 2 transmissions of 30 minutes each.
1 – February 26 to March 2
2 – March 3 to March 7

2) La mujer medicina: 2 transmissions of 30 minutes each.
3 – March 8 to March 12
4 – March 13 to March 17

3) El iatromante, el Mamo y la Saga: 3 transmissions of 30 minutes each.
5 – March 18 to March 22
6 – March 23 to March 27
7 – March 28 to April 1

4) Los médicos sin fronteras: 2 transmissions of 30 minutes each.
8 – April 2 to April 6
9 – April 7 to April 11

Radio Amazonas, a project by François Bucher, holds no relationship to the investigation by the artist Bárbara Santos, the biologist Nelson Ortiz, ACAIPI, or other participants in the Pirá Paraná River region.