Raúl Valverde

ESP (1980).Lives and works in New York.

La Tenaza
Paisaje adaptado
2014. Installation.Mediterranean flora. Variable dimensions.
Produced by: BIACI

Raúl Valverde develops projects with a marked conceptual edge, explores realities, sensations, expressions, and ideas in general. He does not hesitate to delve into his concerns and express them in works of artistic reflection, both for his and others benefit. Paisaje adaptado is a garden in Cartagena, Colombia that has been designed with local flora from the city of Cartagena in Murcia Spain. The topographic relationship between the two Cartagenas was very meaningful to the first Spanish conquistadors, who replaced the original name, Calamari, for the name of the Spanish city. Both cities are strategic ports, although pointing in opposite directions: towards the East in Spain and towards the setting sun in Colombia. This garden was built by introducing the dry Mediterranean plants from Murcia, to the wet Caribbean climate of Cartagena, plants such as: European aspen, candlewood, cork, various oaks, jujube, sandarac tree, oleander, poplar, asparagus, hawthorn, lavender, mastic, and various citrus trees.

The project takes the concepts of exchange and referentiality as a starting point for presenting this imported garden. The visitor finds himself in a Mediterranean scene while at the same time standing on the Caribbean Sea—a means to reconnect these two different places whose histories are linked.