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By:Liliana Nelson Angulo – Translated by: Ilana Spath – Photo: Andrea Eslava

Richard Garet: From darkness into the sublime and magnificent

To enter the Museo Histórico Palacio de la Inquisición and listen to the poems of Mario Benedetti is a unique contrast created by Richard Garet, an Uruguayan artist participating in the First International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Cartagena de Indias, with his piece, The Liberation of Meaning. In the middle of the torture elements and the obscure symbolism that surrounds the Palacio de la Inquisición, he manages to purify the space.

Garet is a multidisciplinary artist that has been working with sound for over twenty-five years. Sound art or Sonic art expanded as a form of art in the 90’s, when Garet just moved to New York, where he has exhibited his works at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

He has exposed very few times in Latin America and that is precisely why this First Biennial of Contemporary Art in Cartagena will be such a success; it will give many artists the opportunity to show their works to a new public, in places with magic of their own and where the pieces interact with the spaces.

“I have taken 53 poems that repeat themselves, liberating words in real time which creates a personal relationship. It becomes a conversation and the poems have been freed. I have created a software that picks up all the words and reconfigures them in real time so they never repeat,” explains Richard.

It might seem romanticism belongs to the past, but Richard Garet proves there are still sentimental human beings that carry a book of poems under their arm.