Richard Garet

URY (1972) Lives and works in New Yorkk.

The Liberation of Meaning, 2013
Sound installation

Richard Garet builds intimate spaces and immersive experiences using various media, drawing attention to the processes of perception and cognition that take place in the human mind. His work is characterized by the use of background sounds that increase their volume as the piece develops.

The Liberation of Meaning is a sound installation that takes the Uruguayan poet Mario Benedetti’s poems as source material for the creation of a field of sound that
changes every time it is reproduced.

He takes fifty-three of Benedetti’s recorded poems and edits them, cutting out words or fragments which he then uses in hundreds of possible combinations. The audio
tracks are selected at random and played according to an algorithm—a complete dismantling of the original poem’s syntax and structure.

This fragmented presentation of the poems introduces chance so as to create a new structural effect every time they are played, drawing attention not only to sound and
the process of hearing, but also the possibilities of language, its semantics, and subjectivity.

Visitors may meander through the space as they listen to a prolonged phonetic playback of intertwined sounds that emphasize timbre and tone, subtle accents, and
the idiosyncrasies of the poet’s own voice and unique expression. In addition, visitors may pose their own interpretations of the new relations between words as they mine personal meaning from the fragments according to their experience. The piece will be reproduced indefinitely without ever repeating itself.