Rosa Barba

ITA (1972). Lives and works in Berlin.

Recorded Expansions of Infinite Things, 2012
Silicon mold and typographic letters
200 x 300 x 1 cm

Recorded Expansion of Infinite Things (2012) is an installation made up of a translucent silicon screen covered in printed letters. The layered superimposition represents the fictional expanse of books written over a long period of time, translated and recorded in two dimensions. In this manner, history, with all its changes and transitions, is translated and fixed in a unique moment, a sole version, but with infinite possibilities. It becomes a text in permanent mutation. The originally solid shapes of the printed letters are in a fight against the translucent material to maintain their form. Her proposal is based on the creation of a utopic solution in which time stops or goes by slowly, revealing hidden aspects of reality and offering an alternative reading, not only of the past but also of the future.

This video artist and photographer uses celluloid to create cinematographic installations that highlight the physical properties of the material. In addition, Barba creates mobile sculptures and images reminiscent of objects and landscapes with careful attention to form. In her publications she studies the structure and narratives of the stories, places, and characters she works with in the film industry. In the midst of the digital age, she is one of the few artists that insist on the importance of film and analogies. According to Barba, these media allow her to position herself against technical mechanisms that she considers inherently fragile.