Ruby Rumié & Justine Graham

COL (1958). Live and work in Santiago de Chile.

Justine Graham
FRA – USA (1976). Live and work in Santiago de Chile.

Lugar común, 2008–2010
Photographs (78). 60 x 95 cm c/u / each

Lugar Común (Common Place) is a joint project by the Colombian artist Ruby Rumié and the French-American Justine Graham. The topic is the relationship between Latin American housekeepers and their employers, exploring issues of gender, power, class, and race. Made up of photographs, videos, and interviews with one hundred women between the ages of nineteen and ninety-five, the project combines art and sociology, seeking to dismantle the hierarchical relationship between these women.

The artists examine the inherited colonial prejudices surrounding domestic work and propose new angles for comprehension and social communication. The visual treatment of the women is the same across the board—they are even dressed in the same clothes as an exercise in equality and for the purpose of undermining bigotry. These actions transcend the artistic plane and the piece becomes a symbolic act with real life repercussions.
Ruby Rumié develops projects with political content and projects related to psychology and injustice, referencing particular collectives in questions of territorial inheritance

and the role of the socially committed artist. Her works do not merely present critical arguments but also propose solutions and pave a road of hope for issues that concern her.

Justine Graham is a photographic artist, urbanist and cultural producer who explores issues of social, cultural, and spatial identity through systems of classification. She creates subjective inventories based on a wide range of subject matter, in order to direct the viewer to question stereotypes and magnify ignored realities. Her work experiments with the photographic medium’s ability to record and amass, in order to then reclassify and display anew.