Stephen Vitiello

USA (1964). Lives and works in Richmond, VA(EE.UU.).

Steve Roden

USA (1964)Lives and works in Pasadena, CA

The Spaces Contained in Each, 2012
Sound installation in six channels. Sound system designed by
Paul Geluso

The Spaces Contained in Each is a multichannel sound installation based on recordings of silence. The piece was originally created as a performance for the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas and set up to coincide with the exhibition Silence at the Menil Collection Museum, a show that lent an eye and an ear to art works related to John Cage’s famous composition 4’33”. Steve Roden and Stephen Vitiello collected prerecorded vinyl records related to silence and did their own recordings of silent spaces. For the installation at the Chapel of Saint Cornelius in Governors Island, New York, these recording were mixed and spaced according to the artists’ experience there. The artists used various means of manipulation, both analog and digital, to create a sense of spaces within a space. This is the second joint work by Steve Roden and Stephen Vitiello. Their first joint project was From perfect cubes, to broken trains, presented at Marfa, Texas in 2008 as part of The Marfa Sessions.

This project was part of the 2012 New York Electronic Art Festival. Paul Geluso, designer of the 3D Sound Object, has also collaborated on this project. This project was supported by Harvestworks’ Creativity + Technology = Enterprise program and partly financed by the Rockefeller Foundation’s NYC Cultural Innovation Fund and the National Endowment for the Arts agency.