Suzanne Anker

USA (1946). Lives and works in New York.

Biota, 2011
Porcelain, silver-leaf rapid prototype figurines
Variable dimensions, variable installation

Genetic Seed Bank, 2007
Projection: video animation, 1’ (loop)

A specialist in bio art, Anker introduces elements of scientific ethics such as gene modification and experimentation with animals. She lends these themes an aesthetic and conceptual dimension that goes beyond the scientific, thus dissolving the barriers between the audience, the exhibition space, and the lab.
A field of research she frequently addresses is the manner in which neuroscience concepts are used in the visual arts and contemporary culture. But her work also focuses on biological processes as the precursors of artistic work.

Biota is a set of sculptures shaped like marine sponges. These creatures’ gene structure is 70 percent identical to humans’. Their appearance reminds Anker of the human brain. In this project she reflects upon and analyzes these matters which are enormously attractive to her.

Genetic Seed Bank is a series of large-scale digital photographs in which marine flora and fauna grow amidst industrial material and even end up intermixing with it—proof of our society’s lack of environmental awareness. In this project the artist displays her admiration for nature’s incredible regenerative capacity and insists on the artistic potential of organic materials.