Trevor Paglen

USA (1974). Lives and works in New York.

Contrails (R-4808N Restricted Airspace, Nevada)
2012. C-print. 121,9 x 152,4 cm

Untitled (aeroplane Predator), 2010
2013 C-print 152,4 x 121 cm

Untitled (aeroplane Reaper), 2010
2013 C-print 121,9 x 152,4 cm

Trevor Paglen is a scientific, social writer and artistic provocateur. His works deliberately blur the boundaries between science, contemporary art, journalism, and other disciplines to create new and unusual forms, product of meticulous research— a lens for seeing and interpreting the world around us. He has been investigating North
America’s secret military and intelligence activities over the last eight years—the “dark world”—and has published his findings and remarkable photographs.

As an artist he is intrigued by the idea of photography as a vehicle of truth, but his images do not adjust well to the traditional notion of documentary material. For example, in the photo series Limit Telephotography he uses long-distance optics to photograph top-secret military installations. In The Other Night Sky he uses amateur satellite observation data to seek and photograph Earth orbiters. He has previously transformed.