Trisha Brown

USA (1936). Lives in New York.

Untitled, 2006 (114 x 142 cm)
Charcoal and pencil on paper
Untitled, 2006 (168 x 128.6 cm)
Charcoal on paper
Untitled, 2006 (131.8 x 147.6 cm)
Charcoal on paper
Trisha Brown Early Works 1966–1979, 2004
Video, 365’

Trisha Brown is among the most widely recognized contemporary dance choreographers. Together with her colleagues Yvonne Rainer, Steve Paxton, and Simone Forti, she has transformed the notion of what is acceptable movement in classical choreography, often challenging gravity in her arrangements. Her research into movement has pushed the limits of dance and changed perceptions in the field of performance.

In 1962 Brown cofounded the Judson Dance Theater and in 1970 set up her own dance company, which would become one of the most prominent of the time. In the eighties she began her collaborations with other artists. Robert Rauschenberg’s sets, Laurie Anderson’s performances, and Nancy Graves’ scenographies were integrated into her postmodern pieces.

Despite being known primarily for her choreographies, Brown draws as well, and her drawings have been exhibited in various museums, galleries, and international art centers. There are three on display at the biennial as well as a video that brings together eighteen of her best performances from between 1966 and 1979.